Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Black Lodge Memories #1

I remember that I had been in the store. I knew that I wanted to get to know the folks that worked there. But, Crispin Glover gave me a reason to break the ice.
Y'know, I'm pretty socially stunted. I don't really know how to small talk, I'm socially skittish, and just generally misanthropic. I knew I liked Black Lodge a lot, but hell...what was I supposed to do? "Hey, nice store. What, are you into movies?" I just didn't think it would fly. I felt like I needed a reason to talk, to introduce myself.
When the Memphis Flyer announced that Crispin Glover was bringing his Big Slide Show and his film What is it? I marched my ass into Black Lodge and got a ticket. And got to say "hello." And that was cool.
The show was mad. I mean, Crispin is sort of the potentate of the peculiar anyway, but I remember him stopping the slide show halfway through because he was certain someone was taking piuctures. Really just ground the show to a halt for about thirty minutes and made people come up and show him their digital cameras and phone-cameras so he could verify that no one had snapped any illicit shots. And the movie was beyond description: salt on snails, Downs Syndrome on Downs Syndrome violence, Downs Syndrome and Downs Syndrome sex, puppets, blacklight tapdancers, heads full of eggs, and a man with cerebral palsy getting a handjob from a woman in an ape mask.
I hear Crispin is on the road again. I noticed a friend of mine in Olympia, WA bemoaning on facebook that he had to work and missed the show. I hope he comes by again - I know he's not about being around a camera, but it'd be great for the documentary. I'd have to try to get an interview out of him.
Anyhoo, point being, I guess, is that that was the first time I got to get a feel for Lodge beyond them just being a cool video store. The community is out there (literally and figuratively,) they were at the show and came to see. That's what's big about the Glover show for me. There's odd folk in droves around this town, and they're out there in a way that I'm really intrigued by, feel really comfortable stewing in. I guess I'm intrigued by the Lodgers because they coalesce around film the way tape traders in the eighties coalesced around vintage LP stores. I mean, I dunno...its just all very unconventional and rebellious in the most askew way.
So, thanks Crispin, thanks Matt, thanks Hogue.
Were you at the show? Tell me what you thought! Got your own Black Lodge memories? Tell me about them. I'll be embedding myself at the store here in a couppla two three weeks. I sure would like some meat to think over before I get there, so throw me a comment here or there!
Be at peace.

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