Monday, November 23, 2009

Know Your Owl!

Okay, so, the woman was chatting with me about my most recent blog post, and began to advise me about a local antique dealer that keeps a lot of antique owls in stock. Which, is cool.

Not, however, the type of owl I'm looking for.

So, I figure I better spell this out. See the design in the picture up above? Not the circle part, but the diamond in the middle with wings? That's a Black Lodge owl. More specifically, its a Black Lodge owl tattoo, and even more specifically a Black Lodge owl tattoo worn by Farmer, a Lodger who you've probably seen working the desk if Matt or Hogue aren't around. These are what I'm looking for. I hear estimates that there are some 35-50 owl tattoos that are specifically Black Lodge Video inspired (interestingly, Matt tells me that he has had the experience of meeting someone with an owl that was a fan of the Twin Peaks television show before they ever heard of Black Lodge Video - how far out is that?)

I've talked with Hogue and Matt about this phenomenon...I mean, bars have regulars, restaurants have regulars, all stores have regulars, but not all stores have regulars who go get a tattoo of the store logo, right? I've gotten some interesting answers out of them and others as to why this happens. Some of them are kind of "Church of the Subgenius"-style answers: it's a cult that's anti-cultist. Others roll their eyes and say it's a fad that everyone will regret sooner or later.

Why do you think they do it? Or, if you have one, why did you do it? Even better still, are you thinking of getting one? What is that process like?

Finally, I wanna get down on a major "thank you" to Kerry Crawford, and her totally rockin' I Love Memphis blog. Go check out her stuff at If it can be done in this town, Kerry's clearin' a path and goin' and doin' it. Food, music, culture, local product, local celebrity, local sport (Go MRD!) She's got it all, so go have a look-see.

Be good to one another,


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